Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Palawan Summer GetAway


Cool, we are booked for our Summer Vacation already and this time we are going to Palawan. I am really excited, although we planned to go back to Boracay but we agreed to try visiting  Palawan for a change.

I want to visit Puerto Princesa Underground River (Puerto Princesa is a city located in the western provincial island of Palawan, Philippines) and other Palawan attractions and find out more about the place. I hope four days will be enough time to see the beautiful spots in Palawan but maybe not.

Just need to check on where to stay, either near the forest, close to the beach or town proper. We have check out some nice hotels to stay in but need to look further and check out price difference as well. The more convenient the better of course.

We have read some reviews that I can use as a guide or travel resources in choosing where to stay and where to go, so it should be cool. Just getting some ideas, It will be my first time there anyways, so I am pretty sure there is so much to enjoy and discover.

Hopefully, I don't bring any work load with me, so there is nothing to worry about. Although the date is set already but we're still trying to check out more information online, just to make sure it wont spoil the fun. The thrill of going somewhere you've never been is always there, while it is also true that sometimes what you see on  is not always what you get.

Still checking for hotel to stay in for few days and reading about Island group tour and where to go.

It is always best to check some reviews, see some pics and know a little about the place prior to going there, so at least you can have some idea. 

Hopefully this summer vacation will be a good one and I am planning to enjoy it.

Will share some photos when I get back okey. Enjoy Your Summer!

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