Thursday, February 28, 2013

Naked & Famous Denim: Jeans Change Color With Your Body Temperature

Would you like to wear something that would reveal your body temperature?  Would you feel comfortable showing it?

I found this really cool and interesting post. I find it really amazing but then again would I like to wear it...maybe I would, just for the fun of it...or maybe because it is really cool to wear one like this....

After watching the video, it made me think and sure why not, what do I have to loose...It is actually cooler than cool!

Denim designer Naked & Famous which is  known for its creative and playful approach when it comes to creating just the perfect clothing for you.

Jeans that change color with your body temperature? Yes....Denim designer  recently launch a pair of thermochromic jeans and it change color according to your body temperature, hot or cold, cold or hot, Really Cool!

"When you’re cold, the jeans start off as blue. As you warm up, the color of the jeans fades to white."

You will see this under  “Weird Guy” collection and is now available at Barneys New York for the price of $240. Mmm i would not mind wearing it (its nice and its unique) but since I am in the  Philippines, I have to wait till it is available here.  I am pretty sure It will be worth the price but I have to save up for that if ever, wink!

If it is from Denim designer Naked & Famous, It must be good!

Image: Naked & Famous

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  1. That's pretty cool. I didn't know that you could use the dye in the washing machine and not stain the washer. Very cool. May have to dry this with shirts as well.
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