Friday, January 11, 2013

Movie Marathon For My weekend!


It's weekend and I am planning to do a movie marathon, to relieve all those stressed i got during the weekdays. I find this COOL!

But depend of movie that i watched, no heavy drama for me. My choice of movie is comedy, romance, fiction, long does not make me cry,lols....And sometimes those movies that i don't expect to be that good are the one that really amazed me and then I am like "wow im glad i watched it,lols"

Sometimes i borrow cd's from my brother or go check on Youtube and it surprises me that there are actually lots of nice movie there, that i have not seen yet.

I came across those Hallmark movies which take an hour and half to watch. Which usually take two and half hours for me,hahaha, that is the problem when you are watching your computer, you get to stop and check other things online from time to time. Not sure if others can relate on that. Since it is just relaxing, i really dont mind spending and watching movie that way. I can call it "Me" time in my room.

Maybe going to the mall later today. But i still find it very relaxing watching movie, not at the movie house though, which it is more exciting ofcourse. But i find it more relaxing being home.

Don't really have plan for today, maybe I should see my friends and hang out, or maybe sleep all day still...Oh well, I can really use a little surprised myself,lols.

Ok done watching Hallmark Smart Cookies, pretty good, need to check some more.

How about you, what's your plan for the weekend? Do you love watching movie too and what type of movies do you usually watch?

Have A Great Weekend Everyone!

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