Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Today will never come again, Be a friend, Be a blessing. Treat others with kindness,even if they dont. 

Take time to show you care, Speak kind words that will touch their heart and that will heal their pain.

It this world that is full of worries and pain, a little kindness can go a long way. You lose nothing by being kind but for sure you gain something when time comes.

We get to busy sometimes that we forget to take time to laugh and then to late to realize we lost the reason too...

Problems maybe too heavy at times, but everything can be resolved with faith and before you know it, you are back on your feet.

Remember to show the person you care about how you feel,express it and dont just say it..For tomorrow may never come and it will be to late and all you can do it cry.

We may wake up feeling depress sometimes, but that is part of life and reality bites. We should get up and face the world and go get it, for dreaming is only good when your sleeping.

Hope your heart feel lighter now and Life is too short to be wasted over the things that dont matter.

There Is Rainbow After Every Rain!

For Now Live, Laugh, Love and Be Happy!

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