Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What To Do When Your Confuse and Stressed Out?

Have you ever had the feeling of being disorganized, stressed out, frustrated and like nothing make sense, that makes you confuse.

I think we all go through that sometimes and maybe more often than not. Most especially when it comes to deciding of keeping or letting go, whatever that maybe.

Confusion, how do we exactly deal with it and then the conflict of deciding what to do. Feeling like your having scattered brain and keep thinking what you really need to do and which is which.

Just like writing this one, I am getting confuse which should come first A or B,haha. Kidding aside, It is what i call brain damaging sometimes.

Like having hard time deciding and dont know where to start. I know that can be really hard.

If it is about job, you just have to weigh things, and write down the disadvantages and pros and cons. It will be more easier for you. Of course, we work for money, we need to earn we have family to feed and bills to pay. But what you really need to consider is do you really like the Job? Are you going to be productive in taking this and Will you be happy? Another thing is, what future benefits can you actually get from doing it. So there are really lot of things to consider when it comes to being confuse about taking and keeping a job.

You need to relax when your confuse, might be because you are stress out too, that you cant really think right. Go to a place where it is not crowded ( not just inside your room), somewhere you can refresh your mind and think right without listening to anyone.

Or talking to someone or a friend might help you out. Sometimes there opinions will open up your mind into something rather than just thinking alone by yourself. Good to hear other opinion and not just yours.

Sometimes we just need to break away for awhile from things that does not make us happy or  doing same thing everyday and all over again. Boredom can also make you feel stress out, like nothing is new.

Don't just sit on the corner and eat one gallon of ice cream, till your about to throw up. Say whats on your mind, pour it out.

Sometimes too much noise can kill you but this time play music that will relax your mind.

Dont be so negative anymore, remember that we all go through this sometimes. We just have different ways on dealing with it. Its how you deal with it that matters.

Have a vacation, too much work, too much thinking can really stressed you out and make you confuse sometimes. So go on a cruise or fly somewhere, whatever your budget takes you. After all you dont want your expenses add to your stress.

Dont worry about things that are not really there. Sometimes, it is easy or good to assume but remember things can change overnight and it is not always what we expect them to be. So be positive but expect the unexpected.

Confusion that complicate our lives will always happen. Stressed and worries we have to deal with will come from time to time. Part of life and we just have to deal with it really well.

Oh I know depend wiht our personality on dealing this kind of emotions but I sure hope this tips will kinda lessen whatever your feeling right now. I just hope did not make you more confuse now. Slowly but surely. We take what we can and let the rest go by.

And Whispering a little prayer everytime will make you feel a lot and much better. You can never get weak when you have God in your life.

Hope your day will be better now and hopefully tomorrow you will feel more relax.

Have A Great Day Readers!

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