Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Love Story Worth Reading, Not Mine though


This is really a story that is worth reading. How many could love as much as they did. Very touching and got my teary eyes and I find it really sweet.

Most of the time we read story on how some couple successful relationships are and yet we really do not see the real picture of how it lasted that long. How I wished I have that kind of love or relationship or maybe I do but maybe I just do not see it as others does. We all see love in different ways and we act about it differently....Oh well, Its the feeling, so so good, like nothing matters, dreaming here,lols.

Yup it is true, never take for granted the person that love you the most and always show how much you appreciate and its not only in material things that we can do that. Thoughtfulness and caring means so much. A hug, a kiss a simple text or phone call, can make a difference. You can never be too busy too show you care.

Ok read on, you will like it................. 

A very poor man lived with his wife.

One day, his wife, who had very long hair asked him to buy her a particular comb for her hair to grow well and to be well-groomed.

The man felt very sorry and said no. He explained that he did not even have enough money to fix the strap of his watch he had just broken.

She did not insist on her request. The man went to work and passed by a watch shop, sold his damaged watch at a low price and went to buy a comb for his wife. He came home in the evening with the comb in his hand ready to give to his wife.

He was surprised when he saw his wife with a very short hair cut. She had sold her hair and was holding a new watch band.

Tears flowed simultaneously from their eyes, not for the futility of their actions, but for the reciprocity of their love.


To love is nothing, to be loved is something but to love and to be loved by the one you love, that is EVERYTHING... Never take love for granted....

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