Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Are Your Preparation for New Year?

I am pretty sure everybody is busy preparing for New Year. We all want to end up 2012 in a good way and start 2013 in a more positive and fresh start. Counting the hours....

What Are Your Preparation for New Year? Aside from preparing food and getting busy cooking....

This is also a perfect time for Family Reunion or Get Together, so everybody stay close the whole year through. Most would like to end the year with fire works and end it with big bang, which they hope would bring them more blessings and a Happy New Year.

I went to the Supermarket with my Mom and everybody is rushing in buying stuff they would need for the prepation of the new year. Some stocks are almost gone or sold out, the sales lady look tired already but still looking excited about the holiday. That is what they call the Spirit of the holiday. Although not everybody can really be friendly but if they cant, I am sure you can. Don't let there moods spoil your day.....

Oh well, we just bought few stuff...Im going to make Leche Plan, Rice Cake and my Mom will cook Caldereta and will do some barbeque with the family too.

Oooops heavy traffic, the traffic is more frustrating than falling inline to pay for the groceries.....And the fireworks store are everywhere, next to each other actually. But it is better to be safe in buying this stuff... We can celebrate and Enjoy New Year without getting hurt from lighting a fireworks, there are some who are highly recommended to use, be safe and still have fun.

I am looking forward for 2013 even though not really sure what to expect, except that i know it will be a busy year. And I am hoping that the dollar exchange will not go down as low as 32 pesos for $1 or that would be really be frustrating, not just for me but I am sure for those overseas worker as well, who are earning or paid US dollars. It will not be a good news for their Family,I am from the Philippines. Oh well, I sure hope there is another news that could light up the spirit of New Year, anyways that is just a prediction but I am sure it is base on something and i heard it before as well....So watch out for that and I will hope for the best for everyone!

Ok lets stay positive....It's 2013, maybe something good will happen, more work probably and as long everybody is healthy right...

Ok I know everybody is really busy now and about to go crazy here as well and having random thoughts ....hard to focus when getting crowded...Just wanted to say something before the year end!

Just want to great EveryONE a Happy New Year and a Safe One!

So tell me what are your preparation for New Year?

Happy New Year!

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