Monday, December 17, 2012

Day Before Christmas and The Spirit Of The Holiday!

Christmas comes every year but it never fail to excite me. And its the time of  year again and few more days it will be Christmas again....

First, Putting up the Christmas tree is a must for those who can but for those who cant, just decorating your home with anything that will light up your place is good enough. Anyways, happines is not always seens on material things, it is felt in the heart. Just enjoy the things you have and share your blessings with someone, with your family. 

There are early shoppers to go shopping even early as September and there are who likes to shop and look around first then go for Christmas rush, where everybody gets really busy, the traffic, crowded places and even the long lines just to pay for few stuff that you bought, but still that is the fun of it. The feeling is Christmas Just around the corner.

Most of us wait for the midnight sale for reason we get to save and diffrent stuff are out for us to purchase and to choose from. And even they sell it for lesser price, sometimes we find the good one. Just patient my dea, go around, look around, there are really many to choose from.

Some people are really good in budgeting and they know where to go to in buying Christmas gift.

Making list who to buy gifts or no list at all and just go buy it, whatever it takes you and your budget ofcourse.

Mmmm speaking of budget....The hard earned money, the 13th month pay and the bonus, the really tight budget which you really need to consider before buying what you want to buy.

Things i usually consider are:

Do I really need it for Christmas ( there i check and sometimes we have it already)

In giving gifts, better to make a list, so as not to double purchase coz sometimes ( admit it or not) we do. Too much to think about, the preparation and all that, that instead of enjoying our shopping for holidays, it becomes stressful.

What to prepare or cook for Christmas? This will save us time to pick up the things we need when we are already in the market or grocery store. Especially if you are doing it day before Christmas.

The fun of it is doing things like cooking, the preparation with the family. Just really perfect time for bonding. It is really the time of year when everyone is dear....Then lets all Sing Christmas Carols, Sing all the way!

No matter what you do and how busy you are and busy you can get, never forget the spirit of Christmas, Giving,Sharing and forgiving and just make sure you enjoy the Holiday and your Christmas Vacation!

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