Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer, The Heat is On

It is Summer and it is hotter than ever. Philippines is a Tropical Country so that is expected already. I was able to catch up on short vacation before summer is over, although i notice that it was raining in some part of the country, and did not expect it....but it is all good, because it gets kinda warm and we need some rain......too. 

Just so nice to look at the ocean and watch the sunset and till it is really gone. The next day, i watch the sunrise, still quiet out there and no one is having breakfast yet, oh well maybe because it is too early to wake up, so nice to watch the sunrise, not too hot to go out and take a walk, till you feel the heat on your skin and realize it is getting late for breakfast...quiet walk near the shore, just so refrehsing, till it gets crowded.

Okey let me go back to the Summer Hot Summer. As expected beach resorts are more crowded than ever.....but for some reason it is more fun that way, not unless you really want a quiet time with your special someone or with your family.

Subic is one of my favorite place to go to during summer, for reason that is it not that far and been visiting a friend there from time to time. There are some great beach resorts there that are highly recommended but there are some that you really need to double check and read reviews about them. I am not so crazy about beaches but i am crazy about views...and beach resorts for me always offers great views, if not all ..... most of them does. I prefer going to subic when it is not summer time, water is clear (in some resorts), not too crowded and just the perfect time to relax.

And we check out Sheavens Seafront Resort, located on the outer edge of Olongapo City, the place is great, view is just perfect and the staff are friendly. Rooms Rates from P800 to P4,800. And then went to Aplaya Del Subic Capati Beach Resort, with my SEO Family but that will be on my next blog.

Of course there are some beach resorts you can go to with less crowd or more private but probably more expensive, but it  will be worth it.  I would recommend Boracay Island Beach Resort, and i heard and seen some pics of Coron Palawan Resorts, and i wish i am going there...oh well maybe next time. So many nice places you can go to during summer time, just google it and you will find what your looking for.

However, if a place is not crowded or less expensive during SUMMER, you better think twice and double check. it is still better to shop around for choices before leaving or planning a summer vacation, the right place and great deals.

Other beach resort you really do not have to pay much but they offer great place, good service and the beach is just perfect.... this means you got Lucky at Summer time. Others they charge more than what they can offer, not satisfied at all!

Sometimes what you see is not what you always get , so get familiar and see more reviews about certain places you want to go to and so it will not spoil your expectations. It would be best if it is recommended. And it is always true that you always get what you paid for...very seldom you get more than what you give...but you can get lucky right!

Oh well summer vacation with the family is really fun, bonding time and just to cool off from the heat of the sun.  Go swimming, wear that swim suit, and just have fun....have fun in the sun. Ok bring your favorite sunglasses it will help protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. And dont forget to bring Protective Sunscreen Lotion as well, get tan but dont get burn.

If in any case, you did not get what you expected, just charge it to experience and i am pretty sure that even if the place you have visited is not that nice or it is not what you expected it to be, there is one thing or two that is nice about it and there is always what they call first time...atleast you've been there once, right....

What really matter is you were able to have a bonding time with whoever you spend it with!



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  1. The seashells are cute, I like the food and I wish I could be in a resort right now, hehe


    1. Yup they are cute and nicer when you see them closer. Their Chopsuey is really good, or maybe its just my fav.lols.

      thanks for the comment!


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