Monday, May 7, 2012

SEO Team Summer Getaway

Some might say summer is over because May is the start of rainy season (Philippines), but it is not over till its over right and besides we still feel the heat of summer.....

We had different choices, we check online to see what best beach resort to go to. But then so many things to consider, distance, budget and accomodation and other things on top of that, But time is running and we need to make a choice, and we want and hoping for the best.

The best but within our budget, not far.....mmmm might not be that easy.

We check out Bonito Beach Resort located in Morong, Bataan Online, but it was fully booked already, could have been a great choice. We check out Johan's Beach Resort but there family room can only accommodate up to 5 person and we are like 25 in the group, kids included. So we move on...

At first we planned our second trip to Baguio but too far and our time wont allow us to do that, so somewhere closer will be Subic Olongopo. Yes about 2 to 3 hours on the road, including stop over at Jollibee for pee time,lols.

Ok fine i will go direct to the point...but maybe not...

So we finally decided to go to Aplaya Del Subic Capati Beach Resort, a room can accomodate up to 10 person.The rooms are pretty good, you just need to squeese in a little on the bed, so everybody could fit in.  We made reservation for two rooms, For the Boys and for us girls. I think you need to pay extra for an additional Mattress. 

                                                   Aplaya Del Subic Capati Beach Resort

It did rain hard along the way and it was foggy, it started raining from 1:30 till we got to the resort.  My  initial reaction was, wow no one is here but our group, it was a big resort but really quiet at 4pm and rest of the group notice that too. So we just looked around , take pics and did not swim yet since, it is still raining a little. View was great but just too quiet that time, and we were joking around about zombies,hehe

Although the place not new and need a little renovation we thought, the owner is nice and she let us pick green mangoes as long we dont take anything home,lols. She mentioned that part of the teleserye Agua Bendita was taken there and she pointed the house where it was taken but cant really see, a bit far from where we are or maybe because i have poor eyesight but did not bother much about that, it was just an additional information and a short chi chat.

We were all excited to swim but what we notice is that the water is not so clear that time,  and i thought must be because it was always crowded in the April and we got there in May, but it is like food, we loose appetite to swim but what we did is just looked around. 

Just to make it clear, the place is great, view is awesome, the owner and staff were friendly but just the water is not so inviting, is not what we expected it to be and i meant the water closer to the cottage. Oh yes the place is clean, you will see on the pics. It is all about the water, that maybe because too many have been there already in April and maybe it is low tide and we kinda related that to the owner and i think her reply was sometimes the water is really like that.......which is understandable.

The owner suggested we check out Club Morocco Beach Resort which is just walking distance from where we are, they have nice pool but of course there is a charge if you are just a walk in. So we went there to check and YEssssssssss it very nice, took some pics right away, while our team mates were talking to the receptionist and we were told there is a charge of 45 peso per head to swim and it was not clear if you have to pay regardless if you use their swimming pool or not, i hope not! It was 7pm that time and the pool area is close at 8pm they said, for the walk in. I am sure it is open anytime if you have reservation there. So we decided not to go for it anymore, P80 for an hour left, oh my there water is too expensive huh, but i am sure it could have been really nice to try but i read it is under renovation too. They suggested we can go back the next day, they are open from 8am onward.

Club Morocco Beach Resort

Oh since we did not swim, we just sing the night away from 9:30 till about 3:00 am i think, we rented their Karaoke for P75 per hour, although they said we can get a better deal if we are going to rent it for 24 hours, it would cost P600,  but oh my who would sing 24 hours, hehe im pretty sure half of that time, we will be asleep or going around and looking around, if not swimming.

Then at about midnight we heard a loud noise at the  beach, there were new group that came and tney swam right away, and  the next day there are about 100 of them that we saw and they are all having a great time swimming and enjoying the water.

But next day instead of going back to Club Morocco Beach Resort, we decided to just go boating, the charge is P700 for 8 person and p50 additional per person and boat is good up to 12 person only, so some of us did not go, so we ride and sail away in Pamana Island . Went swimming, took pictures and that is good for an hour, and the water was nice and clear, although we did not have time to go to the light house, it was still fun after all, check out some pics.

We ate breakfast when we went back to our cottage, about 9:30 a.m i think and then we left at about 10:30 to finally go home. The sun was up and no signs of rain.

It was tiring but fun trip for everyone, we end up having our late lunch at Mang Inasal (Pampanga).  Aplaya Del Subic Capati Beach Resort is a great place, although there are some failed expectations but it is all part having or trying to have fun. And more to that, i enjoyed taking pictures of everyone, cool! And then again, i should say this...See the place, your time might be better than when we went there!

Note: It is always good to plan ahead of time, check reviews and ask friends for recommendation and spend more time next summer vacation!

Watch Out for Rainy Season Everyone and Be Safe!


                                                                           Club Morocco Beach Resort


                                                               Pamana Island


                                                         My Friends and Team Mates
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  1. Tingin ko pwede pang mapaganda yan, more trees more fun! hehe


    1. Maganda naman sya eh,...pero tama ka more fun if more trees,hehehe!

  2. grabe it was a blast! Enjoy kahit walang liguan sa dagat!! hahhaha

    1. Oo nga neh, i did enjoy too,kahit wlang liguan,hehehe, and to think pumunta tayo doon to swim,lols.. It was fun neh....


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