Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rekindle The Fire

Keeping The Love Alive

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It is always nice to have someone but after sometime of being with our partner,
we sometimes forget that there is more than just having someone.

We sometimes loose the romance in the relationship, the passion and the spark that used to be there, maybe because we get too comfortable with the relationship, we get too busy or we feel that it will not excite him/her anymore, but that is “where we are wrong most of the time.” We always need to add a little spice in our relationship, dating and having time for each other.

A surprise date, not just to impress your partner but to find that excitement again.
Think about what she/he likes that you have not done for long time, because got so busy and you will be surprise too on how much it would add up to what you already have for each other.

Talking about the old nice times together will be nicer, never think they are boring, you can always look back and just laugh at it but still good to reminisce together.  Never let the relationship get cold and never let your partner feel unwanted. What you can not say in words, you can always express it through actions.  Embrace and kisses can warm a cold body and heart.

Being sweet and thoughtful with our partner needs is a must. Do things that you use to do for her/him, things that used to make her smile and things that used to make him feel good.
No matter how long we are in the relationship, things should not change or get cold, instead keep it going find more ways on how to build up the emotions and love for each other.

For a lasting relationship, we should always find time of being with the person we love. You just need to rekindle the fire and feel the spark again.


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