Saturday, February 4, 2012

From Street Food to D'malls

Just be safe in anything you eat, be it street food or not. Enjoy and Chow!

Who does not love eating? We all do, oh well maybe some don't. But then again, we sometimes crave for something and it might not be available near by.

But wait there are foods that can be found on the street and they call it Street Food and when i say street foods, this are good. This foods are usually available nearby schools, market place or anywhere that is crowded and other public place.

Street food are ready to eat food or drink. This food are affordable or cheaper and you can get full. Street food are much cheaper and most are not available in a restaurant. Usually student would come running to get this during their break,it is quick and they like it. Of course, maybe a rich person will not go for this kind of food ( since it is on the street) but i am sure they are wondering how they taste and if it is really taste good and Yes it is!

Only need to be careful if it is done clean or still hot when you buy it. If it is covered and fresh. They have this what they call Fish balls (nope, fish don't have balls, or maybe they do,lols  balls made with fish meat and then they have this Banana Que, wow this one can really make you full and taste good while it is hot. And there few more to mentions.

This are take out junk food or snack and ready to eat. Usually you will see them on rolling store or portable stall on the street. Since this kind of foods are really saleable, affordable and ready to go, you will not just see them on the Street, this are now made available and you will see them inside the mall. They have portable stall and being inside the mall, you might like it better because you can be sure it is clean and you can relax while sitting and eating your favorite "street food." They added a little decorations on the food, nice paper plates, instead of wooded stick and a little decorations on it. But this time, it cost a little more although it would still taste the same, because you are also paying for everything that goes with it. Clean, Fresh and Yummy. It's how they market them and i think it is good to invest on this and it is good business. Street Food are Love by many, crave by lots and everybody would love to try it.

One of my Favorite is the Fried Siomai, it is pork dumplings with the chilly sauce, wow it does really taste good. If you are going to buy this on the street, rice is not included but inside the mall, you can have rice go with it. They also have the steamed Siomai. So if you are in the Philippines or in any country that offers this, You can try it one time and maybe you'll come back for more.

So if you haven't tried eating Street Food but would like to try, you can simply go to the mall and have a taste of it. But if you really want to experience "Street Food" i am sure it is just around the corner, available for you.

Just be safe in anything you eat, be it street food or not. Enjoy and Chow!
I gathered some pics from Google for you to see:

Fried Siomai

Note: Other Pics are from the Garden of Google

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