Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Corny Day

Oh not that corny way but just ate too many corn today. I love eating corn, especially the yellow corn with butter but the one I had today is Flour type of corn or yellow corn.

We bought it at the market place near us, it is $1 each and sometimes if we are lucky, you will see a Corn vendor roaming around. They put butter and salt on it to make it taste even better.

I remember that back in High School we use to buy those yellow corn in cob ( they also have those they put in a paper cup) and they put stick on it, so we can hold them good, because they sell them hot.

And I read that our favorite sweet corn and popcorn corn came from different plants. I read online that there are other types of of corn and these are Dent, Flint, Sweet Corn, Flour Corn and Popcorn Corn and there is more.

"Dent Corn: this one is use as livestock feed, which is the favorite for our farm animals and this is also known as field corn. The color of dent corn is white or yellow.

Flint Corn: is an Indian corn that has hard outer shell and kernels and the color can be white or red. This can also be used for livestock, just like the dent corn.

Sweet Corn: this is the one we love to eat on the cob during our dinner or maybe for snack as well. This can be in canned or frozen and extra sweet.

Flour Corn: this one is easy to grind because of his soft kernel, so this is the one we use for baking goods and all those yummy goodies we love to buy. Although it has other color but the main color is white.

Popcorn Corn: this is the type of flint corn that has hard shell but soft starchy center. This is the type we love do it during movie times or snack."

Check Online For More Corny Corn Types!

Don't Have A Corny Day But A Corn Day Instead :)

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