Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's Photo Bombing Time


Picture,! PhotoBomb Time

Most probably than not, we all love taking pictures of ourselves, views, people, food and anything under the shining sun.

I have seen solo, group, family pictures taken. And then there is WALLING (which I read somewhere here in bubblews, too bad i forgot the username) and we have PLANKING and there is also the SELFIE....

Ooops, sorry that I have to write them all in caps, I actually just wanted to high light them or make them into bold letters,lols. I am sure bubblews will have those in the future.

And now, we have the new PHOTO BOMBING or photobomb and this one is really interesting, annoying but fun for some.

This is the best captured moment, Oops till someone butt in,lols

This is where when you think you are taking your best capture photo moment, that someone not actually related will be behind you and posing as you pose....making faces, scary, funny and just there to share your moments.

And even the celebrities became a victim of this Photo Bombing as well (Julia Robert) and Beyonce doing it to someone,lols, really cute, funny and nice....Mmm okey maybe annoying and irritating for some...but this photo bombing made me laugh..I like good fun! 

Some just laugh at it and some got irritated, It is how you take it, that makes is really fun...

And I had a good laugh as I was looking at them....

Have you been a victim of Photo Bombing and what was your reaction?

Oh, I hope you had a good laugh at it and do it to them the next time around, wink :)

Just For Laugh!

Happy PhotoBombing Day EveryOne!


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