Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Book Of Life: Write A Good One


Today is the first page of the 365 page of the book for year 2014, write a good one.

I saw something like this on facebook and made me think. Since this is the first day of the year....

And this one, each page can't be erase, delete or edited, once it is written. What you can only do, is re write it again and make sure you don't write a duplicate of the first one.

The Life Of Book is really never easy, it is hit or missed and includes committing mistakes, troubles, pain, joy, decisions are just a few but you've got to lived with it and write on it every step of the way.

You can't skip and turn to the next page when you want too. Writing your own story is up to you, you can make it exciting, drama, happy but it is how you deal with it everyday, that really matters.

And although nothing is sure in life, you just have to keep your faith in God because you know he is the Best and Greater Writer Of The Life That We All Have!

Happy New Year EveryOne and I Hope The Book Of Your Life Will Be Well Written This Year, That When You Turn Back The Pages, You Will Be Happy The Way It Was Written!

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