Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What Your Favorite Coffee Says About You


Having another cup of coffee here! It is Saturday early morning already here, not yet doing my usual movie marathon yet but I will soon....

And because I love coffee, this post got my attention and as they say "You are what you eat" and on this case "You are what you drink" but how true?

Oh well from my end I only like drinking coffee, If my Mom made it for me...and on some occassions, away from home I will but not as much when I am at home...At home I can have 3 to 4 cups a day and like my day is not complete with out it....but of course I can live without.

When I am away from home, a cup of coffee a day is perfectly fine with me.

And If you love coffee or maybe have a favorite coffee, this are just few on what your coffee says about you. This can be true or not, or probably just for the fun of it, just enjoy and have a relaxing coffee break.

You can click the image above and see what you got.

And whatever it says you are, just enjoy your cup of coffee and relax!

Have a Relaxing Weekend Everyone!


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