Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Day At Widus Resort and Casino

I finally got the worth of my gift certificate from Widus Resort and Casino in Clark Pampanga. I won this last 2012 and I was told it is good for six months and the expiration date was July 31, 2013.

After winning the second prize for the contest they held, I never got the chance to get in touch with them again and never went to pick up the gift certificate, until today. This was held late December of Last Year 2012.

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Anyways, I was reminded by my friend about it and I was still having second thought of going there and availing the prize and I was even willing to just give it to my other friend, for them to use it, so it will not be wasted but I think they got busy as well....and the last minute,  thinking of all the effort and help from my friends to win the contest, I decided to go and that was late afternoon already and I am sure glad I did went.

I was able to use the gift certificate worth $50, We had Hawaiian Pizza, Vegetable Lover's Burger, freshly bake Doughnut and of course not to forget, I was able to take some photos to share. And I was able to take out a whole Blueberry Cheesecake for my Mom. Believe me, It will be worth it to go there, the place, the food and the staff are really great.

Widus has very friendly staff and their smile is really welcoming and warm. The place is really nice and I think I might go back there some other time and hopefully with my Mom. Their Food, it is all worth it.

Their Marketing Manager Mr. Will Mirasol accompanied me and showed me around, oh well not the whole place because we went there kinda late already, so I guess we missed the chance seeing everything but then again, there is always next time right....

But the whole experience was great and I am glad I did went and looking forward for next time....

So If ever your in Pampanga and looking for a very relaxing  and a luxury place to stay in and enjoy, try visiting Widus Resort and Casino in Clark Pampanga.

You can visit Widus Facebook Fan Page for more information.

Have A Great Day EveryOne and Thank You For Stopping By!

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