Saturday, March 16, 2013

Congratulations Dear Graduates!

It is not just holidays that we are looking forward but Graduation Day as well, especially for Parents...Oh for sure the students are having this mix emotions of being happy and partly sad, because they know they are going to missed being with their fellow students. But mostly a happy feelings that they did it with flying colors and they are on their way in fulfilling their dreams.

Looking back (long time ago and once upon a time,lols)I remember how we were  all looking forward on our graduation day and we wanted it to happen so soon but when it was close and it came, we felt the sadness and unexplained feelings and we knew we were going to missed that part of our lives, it different ways..It is always fun, especially our high school days. But that is a much different and long story,wink.

Oops lets go back, its kinda busy today. Graduation everywhere or preperation for some. They are all looking so excited and some are not even sure whats next. Oh well what matters most is what is today, It Is their Graduation Day, most awaited moment for every Students, Teachers and Parents.

I wish you all students a brigh future ahead of you and dont forget to look back and always keep your feet on the ground...Have fun but get serious sometimes or when you have too....Another chapter, another page is about to open, God Bless!

Congratulations Dear Graduates!

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