Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day: The Meaning of Rose Colors


For the guys who will be giving flowers to your SweetHeart, it is best to know the meaning of rose colors, just to make sure you are giving the perfect one.

And for the ladies who will be receiving roses, smile, blushed, but it would be sweet to know what the meaning of it.

Oh well, of course, any roses would be appreciated but it would be nicer to give what you really meant to give and what the receiver would really like to received.

They said the color of roses always mean something to the giver and to the receiver as well. Although we all know the most favorite color is Red, which means LOVE and just for the sake of knowing what other colors of roses means, it is best to check them out. Click the image above please...

But whatever color of roses you give to your loved ones, I am pretty sure they will know that you always care and It is always the thought that counts......

Enjoy Your Red Valentines Day And It Does Not Really Matter If Its Black Or White!


  1. I've never seen a blue rose before; blue is my favorite color and fascinating to know that blue rose means, the unattainable and impossible. :)

    When I've ran all three marathons this year, I'll try to find blue roses to celebrate the victory of attaining what seems impossible to do.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Rhed!

  2. First time qng makakita ng blue rose nung minsang nakita q ang officemate q na umakyat ng ligaw, ang cute niyang tignan :))


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