Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sweets For My Sweet, Sugar For My Honey On Valentines Day


After Chinese New Year , next will be the Valentines Day celebration and this is when you really feel that love is really in the air. 

I really get excited seeing all those red heart decorations all over the place, especially at the mall and then if you look further, you will also see those 
different kinds of gifts, which for me are really eye catching...especially those stuff favorites ( i am into collecting stuff toys) and a lot more to see that will surely warm your heart.

And of course you will notice those beautiful but really expensive flowers. Oh well it is just once a year but still they are expensive,haha. So I am sure it will be really appreciated when someone gets a dozen of roses and all those other stuff I see around.

On the other hand, it does not really have to be one of those gifts or really expensive one. For a person that really loves you, anything is special and it is not really about the " Price Tag" it is the giver that really count. 

I remember back in Highschool, a love letter would mean more than anything as long it came from that special person. I would suggest that when you give your gift (anything) to that special person, include a note write something mushy....oh dont worry if it sounds a little "corny" the reader will always like it anyways. Its good to be mushy sometimes. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

For those who stop being romantic after being married or for those who are never romantic (someone people are really not into this) at all. Just try show your sweetness in best way you can, as long you dont forget your other half on this special day. She may say it is okey not to but every girl, every woman likes to be remember during this or any special occasions. We are good in remembering,lols.

For the giver.....Oh please, dont say you forget about it, this is not like birthdays...this is like Christmas, it is written all over the place.

And for the receiver, be thankful whatever your other half can give you...It's really the Thought that Counts. Learn how to appreciate and never compare..remember the time and effort and thoughtfulness that goes with it.

So as early as now, think of something sweet and unique... Be it dinner at home or dining out...Try to enjoy and not to spoil the moment, save that for the next day.

Enjoy Your Day Everyone!

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