Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year At Widus: I won, I won



I won, I won...nope i did not win the lotto, I wish I did. But still sure is a good start of the year.

I dont always join every contest I see online, not because I am not interested but because I get really busy sometimes and afraid not to finish the task. 

However, a friend of mine suggested that i should join this contest, fB Fan Page like and comment like, and since it was my Christmas vacation....I said why not and so i did.

The Title of the contest is "HAVE YOU STAYED WID US PROMO." Widus is a Resort and Casino located in Clark Air Base Philippines. 

"It offers you modern comforts in a traditional style, perfectly suitable for business and leisure."

Anyways, I posted it on facebook and I have some friends and their friends visited, liked my comment and Widus fan page and after three weeks I almost got the 1st Prize which is a overnight stay at WIDUS, but instead I got the second prize which is 3 Cash Vouchers,which is good already, I am really happy about it, It's all worth it.

I am excited and looking forward on claiming my prize...not sure who to take with me yet....and when,lols.

This is the first notification We got from them on our Facebook Page:

Congratulations to Fil Allesa Tabajonda, Aj Yam Quiels and Rhed Lina for winning the HAVE YOU STAYED WID US PROMO. We will message you on how you will claim your prize! We hope to see you soon here Widus Resort and Casino! Thank You!

I got this email from them:

Hi Miss Rhed Lina,

Greetings from Widus Resort and Casino!

Congratulations for winning the Have you stayed Wid Us Promo! You won the 2nd Prize: 3 Cash Vouchers worth Php500 each applicable to any F&B outlet! Kindly provide us the following information to process your Cash Vouchers.


Thank You! See you soon @ Widus Resort and Casino! 

Now I am really looking forward on visiting Widus Resort and Casino. And If i will have the chance, I will take some pics and post them here.

Also looking forward on the next break and contest, Maybe i get lucky again,:)

Enjoy The Start of The Year EveryOne!


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