Sunday, September 30, 2012

Be Wealthy by Being Healthy!

I read an article about fast food and what it does to our body. I find it really interesting and I may agree to what it says but that does not mean im not going to eat this kind of food anymore.

Saying that, means i am guilty as charge in eating all this junk food or fast food. For reason they satisfy my cravings and they really taste good.

But come to think of it, we might really be a victim or maybe got sick one way or the other because of eating this kind of food, for reason we are not really aware about the effect of it to our body. 

I know because I was a victim and the effect was not really good. It did not do me any good. Yummy and Quick but not healthy at all.

Although I keep coming back for more, but not really wise to be caught unaware. Not everything that taste good are really good, sometimes what we see is not always what we get.

I guess it is really our choice to do it or not, but what is important is we know what we put in our mouth and what it can do to us. The taste of sweet might taste bitter afterwards.

I heard someone said " We are what we eat," and " The food we eat is an investment to our body." It is our choice to stay healthy and gain from it as we grow older.

It is not for me to agree or disagree because from time to time, i still do eat this kind of food, but atleast I have something to think about before I go for it, just because it taste good and it is quick.

I know Fast Food is quick and easy, convenient and yummy but think again.....

I guess we just need to be extra careful to stay healthy and be wise to stay alive.

Health is Wealth, So Be Wealthy by Being Healthy!

I am sharing the article below for you to read and find the source to read more about it.

Effect Of Fast Food

The Overall Cause And Effect of Fast Food

In past times individuals in the United States of America at one point would eat nutritious, newly well prepared meals with their very own family members in the house. Nowadays however, a lot of people, specifically young adults, choose to eat fast food which includes burgers, deep-fried chicken, french-fries or pizza. Many reasons exist why this transformation has transpired, however this article will in addition define the intense outcomes of this shift in the direction of fast food on consumers and contemporary society.

There are many explanations for the rise in popularity of fast food. One of the primary explanations is the changes in lifestyle. Many individuals in the united states are working extended hours, shifts, or expanded classes times. These people don’t have plenty of time to seek out ingredients or cook good meals. Ladies are actually working in the America, which can lead to a shorter time being free for making family meals. An additional explanation will be the large numbers of young, wealthy individuals in the United State of America. The quick growth and development of the continent has meant that the younger generation, who make up over 75% of people, have cash to shell out. Another explanation is marketing and advertising. The United States is a modern-day, free-market country, with all kinds of multimedia just like the Internet and satellite tv, and individuals prefer to try out new items and various types of fast food.

Nevertheless, this transformation in eating habits may have a number of critical consequences. One particular impact is on health. A lot of people in the USA are increasingly becoming obese. These individuals will probably be significantly less productive while having ailments along the lines of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. An additional consequence of fast food lifestyle is the loss of the household custom of eating together. Adults and children hardly ever eat together now, and therefore get much less chance to talk. An additional impact is on the overall economy. Despite the fact that fast food isn’t very pricey, it truly is more costly than cooking food properly for your own benefit. Lots of the fast-food corporations are franchises of international enterprises.

To summarize, fast food, even though it is convenient and an appetizing addition to an eating plan, will surely have severe health and social consequences. Individuals ought to learn to select fast food cautiously and don’t forget the pleasure of having good food in your own home.

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