Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bloggers Goes to IBlog, The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit

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I attended the IBlog 8th Philippine Blogging Summit last saturday and it was the 2nd day of the event, but that was the only available time i have together with my team mates. 

It was held last  May 25 and 26, 2012 at the Malcolm Theater, UP College of Law, UP Diliman, Quezon City from 8 am to 5 pm.

It was my first time to attend a blogging event, although i have been blogging for a long time and im glad i finally got the chance to do so. And in my opinion it was a huge success. From listening and learning from the Speakers, the event got more interesting when other bloggers started sharing their ideas and started asking questions. Speakers have shared so much of their ideas, that i have learned  a lot from them, just like the saying goes, get what you can use and set aside what you cant ( or something like that,lols). And on this event, every words is useful and you can apply and make use of it......you just have to know how and when to use it effectively,

There was some serious part on the talks and there was the humor side of it. And to lighten things up the guy from, For The Not-Naturally-Funny, Marcelle Fabie  made everybody laughing with his jokes, very good humor and interesting one and take note the good look was just a plus,hehe. I remember him saying "Walang Basagan Ng Trip." Ooops yes i think it was him that said that,lols!

The bloggers that attended the event was from all over the Philippines, exchanging ideas is always great and we all know that not everybody would share what they know, but this time they all did, they are there to learn and share their ideas from within at the same time. 

The Event was about different techniques about Blogging, SEO and Social Media Marketing and more. List and schedules below.

Day 1 & 2 Emcees / Co-Host are: Flow Galindez and Rod Magaru. The food was sponsored by McDonald and they provided us snacks and lunch, which is one of the most awaited, i think....hehe!

There was no boring moments there, all the talks are good and every minute counts, although maybe because i work on night shift that i get sleepy from time to time, but i manage to stay awake because they also provided the coffee from Kopiko, yummy and you dont want to missed a thing.

I saw some familiar faces but did not really get the chance to talk to them, things over there are kinda busy, although ofcourse there were lots of picture taking, which i love so much, ( i mean taking picture of them and not of me,hehe).

And one of the most awaited part of the event was the raffle draw, everybody was excited to get any of the prices but i think most would like to have that very nice souvenir tshirt from iblog. Just sad, we did not get any...but there still next time and the pictures and learning experience was really worth it and looking forward to the next one, i hope it falls on our free day too.

See you all there next time!

Major sponsors: UNILAB and McDonald’s Philippines.
Silver sponsors: Villar Foundation, TV5, and Kaspersky Lab.
Patron sponsors: Proactiv Solutions Philippines, Sulit.com.ph, and Gizmo Pro Computers and Gadgets.

                              Blog comedy writing for the not-naturally-funny (Marcelle Fabie)

                                                                 Politics of Blogging (Janette Toral)

Agenda For May 25 (Speakers and Topics)

Unboxing the true potential of your blog (Carlo Ople)
Creating a Blog Activation Campaign (Mark Joseph Delgado)
SEO and Social Media Marketing Panel
*On Site Optimization 101 (Sean Patrick Si)
*Optimization and Online Branding (Jason Acidre)
*Utilizing Blog Networks for SEO and Social Media Traffic (Kim Tyrone Agapito)
Blogging, social media and journalism: The use, misuse and abuse of freedom of expression (Danilo Arao)
Social Media and Social Change (Tonyo Cruz)
Unwritten Blogging Etiquettes (Gellie Anne Abogado)
Youth and Blogging: The Next Generation Bloggers Are Here (Lloyd Salac)
Kasali Kayo: Reaching Out to Overseas Filipinos for the 2013 Elections via Social Media (James Jimenez)
Bloggers the new PR community (Boris Joaquin)
Financial Planning for Bloggers (Garry Zaldy De Castro)

Agenda for May 26 (Speakers and Topics)

The Soul of Blogging (Rem Tanauan)
Politics of Blogging (Janette Toral)
Making your blog post work: Inspiring Quotes and Posts (Wendell Glenn Cagape)
Using Public Narrative In Blogging (Bien Eli Nillos)
Blog comedy writing for the not-naturally-funny (Marcelle Fabie)
Teaching and Learning through EduBlogging (Noel Feria)
How to make your blog stand out from the crowd (Victorino Q. Abrugar)
Social Media Marketing Shiznit (Carlo Angelo Gonzales)
Optimizing your Blog thru Social Media. Using Hashtags, tags, and keywords (Jeoffrey Solas)
Twitter as an ally in learning (Arvin Antonio V. Ortiz)
Social Media in Business and Advocacy (Grace Bondad Nicolas)
Social Media Legal Issues (Atty. JJ Disini)
Increasing Health Information Access through Blogging (Alvin Cloyd Dakis)

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