Friday, March 30, 2012

Rainy Day Facebook Frenzy, A Free Blogger Event Sign -Ups


Feel Free to join this Free Blogger Event and Have your Facebook link added for Free and win $200 PayPal Cash!


                                                                           Click and Join


                           Sign up HERE to participate Rainy Day Facebook Frenzy!
                                                      hosted by  Cute-ecakes

                            It's Getting More Fun and Exciting - Updates- Prize Increase
                                will be doubling the prize to $200.
Because of the new prize, it's going to be pushed to run until 12:01 AM 4/13- 11:59 PM 5/4.

Not only that, but through a new relationship with, there will be a very  special event in May for all participants of this event!

This event is really getting big (  And we are up to over 400 members!)

This event will also be promoted on with over 500K page views  monthly!

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  1. what's up with this if may I know???

    1. You can join the contest by clicking related link.

      Thank You


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