Sunday, February 5, 2012

Christmas, Just Around The Corner

Christmas, Love Is in the Air!

Christmas just around the corner and we feel more love is in the air. Some feels the mix emotions of being happy and feeling inside as well. Missing and longing for someone. We have some wishes on our minds, we have so many things in mind. The air feels so cold, and you will see some who are alone and some who choose to be alone.

But it is always nice to celebrate the holiday with someone, not necessarily with family, if they are far from you but Christmas is for sharing, it should put a smile on your face and peace in your heart. 

Although not everybody is really enjoying it, for some reason that is beyond their control, but in their hearts, they try to feel the happiness and some touch other lives without even knowing it.

It is sure better to give than to received for it is in giving that we can feel some peace and real happiness inside.It does not have to be material things that you can make someone happy, it could also be just being there for them, remembering them, when they think they have been forgotten.

Visiting someone that you havent seen for long time, can touch the heart. Forgiving someone that has hurt you and letting go of the pain, can make greater happiness inside you. 

Although it should not be just during holidays, that we should feel like giving, forgiving and caring. We can do this all year round.

It is not how much money we have, but it is what we give without taking that will give us real happiness. Feel the love and magic of Christmas.

Life may not be always easy, but with the love that is in the air, it makes everything easier, especially if it is shared with someone.

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